NOTE: I own NONE of the pictures on here. Most of them I either a) found on google or b) got from my friends. Wy? Because my art fails. Well...it's just my art of humans that fails. I'm fine at most inanimate objects. Plus, this website IS NOT finished, and I will post a note when it is. but for now, the place that I'm going to put my picture on will have a weird thing saying "sample picture."
Ah, yes. So you, like many others, have stumbled upon my page. I must welcome you! My website doesn't have much to it--it has my OCs, updates on what stories I'm writing, probably a couple OC contests, and some random polls. This is...the welcoming page, where I explain what every OTHER place is about.
Info On Me: This is sort of self-explanatory. You want to know more about me; you click this tab. It tells you what other websites you can find me on, what I'm like, etc. Bada-bing, bada-boom--it's magic!
My stories: Info on my stories--their full summaries, what they're about, and what I plan to do with them.
My OCs: The OCs IN my stories. Will include all from those I have accompany characters in quests to those that have their own plotline that will most likely be VERY complicated.
Contests: Once I actually get some viewers (which will take a while), I'll start having contests, and the winners will win, I don't know, a free oneshot or a youtube video, or maybe their OC will be in a story--it all depends on te contest and how lazy I'm feeling.
Well, that's it (until I update)! I hope you enjoy searching through my random things!