The Lockblade Weilders

Game: Kingdom Hearts II

Main Characters: Sarah, Abby, Sora

Other Important Characters: Axel, DiZ, Riku, Ashily, Lizzie

Love Interests: Sora and Axel

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Adventure

Written Format: First Person POV, Occasional Third Person

Rated: K+ (9 and up)

Chapters: Three

Complete? No.

Full Story Summary: It wasn't like they'd meant to fall into Kingdom Hearts II. But it happened, and now the two lockblade weilders are on a quest to save the worlds and discover their pasts--pasts that only the Organization could tell them about. Join them as they travel with Sora, learn about themselves, and maybe even fall in love. Axel x OC and Sora x OC

Author's Note: This is written for one of my friends, who I'm basing the main character off of. I'm basing the other one off me. Why? Because I'm a weirdo, that's why.