Me, Myself, and I

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Name: Sarah


Birthday: January 14

Country: United States

Likes: Writing, the color green, procrastinating and Spanish accents(screw English accents!)

Dislikes: School, losing, bossy people and deadlines

Hobbies: Soccer, writing, spying, photography, and being weird

Bio:  I', I guess. I like to hang out with my friends, mess around on my computer, and write stories for people, and I'm known to be overly stubborn and slightly insane. (Considering everyone's a little crazy, I take this as a compliment.) My friends are extremely varied--I have one obsessed with vampires, another who's a cheerleader, two who are very (VERY) obsessed with fighting, and quite a few who, like myself, enjoy soccer. I'm well-known around my school because I go up a grade for two subjects, and I'm pretty much the only person I know in my town who loves writing, which makes me a little lonely. I'm American and right-handed. I have two older sisters, and neither have gone to college (I wish).

My Writing:
Strongest Genres: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Adventure

2nd Strongest Genres: Fluff, Tragedy, Suspense, Parody

Categories I Specialize In: Games, Books

Categories I Suck At: Nonfiction

What You Will Probably See Me Writing About:
Kingdom Hearts (All Games)
Percy Jackson and the Olympians
The Kane Chronicles
Ouran High School Host Club
Shugo Chara
Invader Zim
Heroes of Olympus
Artemis Fowl

You Can Also Find Me At: